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Continuing a legacy

The Foundation honours a remarkable woman—Jan Pentland. Jan's commitment to financial counselling and to helping people on low incomes or who were vulnerable was unwavering and is the hallmark of her legacy. The Jan Pentland Foundation provides financial assistance, the Jan Pentland Scholarship, enabling a person to study financial counselling or a related discipline.

‘Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not a matter of circumstance, but of choice. Choose to live a life that matters.’

From the speech by David Morawetz, Jan's partner, delivered at her funeral on 24 August 2009.

I remember, a year or two ago, I said to you:

"I reckon a hundred years from now, people will look at your work and they'll say, that Jan Pentland, I wonder who she was, she must have been a pretty amazing person." 

You said to me then, quietly: "They'll know who I was, because I am leaving a legacy."

Jan Pentland | A biography

More about Jan 

For more information on Jan's life, explore the documents below, from her funeral and the months after. 

Condolence book put together by Jan's colleagues and friends 

Speech by Carolyn Bond and Fiona Guthrie at Jan's funeral 

"Live a LIfe that Matters"  read at Jan's funeral 

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